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28 de noviembre de 2023

Innovative LOCPOWER valve technology

Thanks to the innovative LOCPOWER valve technology, 100% made in Italy, it is possible to recover the power dissipated during service and reduce the CO2 footprint by reusing the energy produced. 

An example is the LOCPOWER valve, tested as usual on flowtest, and recently installed in an Italian aqueduct in parallel with an existing valve. The use of this energy recovery valve allows the customer to self-produce up to 170MWh in one year and save over 69 tonnes of CO2 per year. The recovered energy is used to power the lifting pumps of the aqueduct. 

A new valve concept that allows for improved network efficiency and greater protection of the environment.

Learn more about LOCPOWER:

27 de noviembre de 2023

PMI DAY 2023: more than 90 students visiting Bonomi Group.

PMI DAY, organized by Confindustria Brescia, has seen small and medium-sized companies in the area open their doors to young people every year for guided tours and meetings. It is an initiative designed to help spread knowledge of the productive reality of companies and the opportunities they can offer to secondary school students. 

Bonomi Group reconfirmed its presence and enthusiastically joined this initiative dedicated to the young people of Brescia. 

On November 23, it was the turn of the Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi in Gussago plant with a visit by the Abba Ballini and CFP Lonati secondary school in Brescia; 44 students visited the company, discovering the entire production process of valves and fittings, that meet the needs of the plumbing, naval, industrial and multi-utility markets. On Nov. 24, on the other hand, the Beretta Institute of Lumezzane visited the Valpres plant in Marcheno. The 48 students were able to see how ball valves for industrial and Oil&Gas applications are studied, designed and produced.

PMI DAY involves all Bonomi Group companies and allows the students to see how products and services all over the world are created, catch the experience, passion and commitment of the people who help make them.

16 de noviembre de 2023

Bonomi Group contributes to the safeguard of the environment.

The issue of sustainability is increasingly relevant within the group, first of all to actively safeguard the environment with tangible actions, but also to give a strong signal by highlighting the company sensitivity to this aspect.

To encourage the reduction of plastic waste, Bonomi Group has installed automatic dispenser of free chilled drinking water in the plants and offices of the various companies and has given all employees of the group a thermos bottle, to be used in the company. A useful gadget that prompts people to think about the value of water and to safeguard the environment.

Promoting a sustainable lifestyle and helping employees achieve a state of well-being, both in their professional and private life, is one of the main aspects of Bonomi Group's corporate culture.

15 de noviembre de 2023


1.600.000 cycles

Bonomi Group has always guaranteed a high product quality standard thanks to the synergy and integration of the different engineering departments of the group's companies.

The industrial plant engineering sector is characterized by many applications, including very complex ones, where product quality and high performance are a guarantee for the continuous operation of production lines. 

Valbia and Ghibson have combined their expertise to offer the market an automation package consisting of a "double eccentric" butterfly valve (HD Series) and a single or double-acting pneumatic actuator (82 Series).

The package was tested for reliability and robustness under heavy duty service conditions. The test was carried out at a temperature of 20°C through repeated cycles at 3-second time intervals and was voluntarily discontinued, given the excellent results, after about 1,600,000 cycles in the absence of signs of wear. 

After the test was finished, the actuator-valve combination was subjected to visual inspection, in-line testing, water testing, and torque detection. The valve was also bench tested with evidence of no disc and seat leakage. 
All inspections showed that the actuator and valve were in perfect condition. 

An excellent performance, that of Valbia and Ghibson, with an extraordinary result that further demonstrates Bonomi Group's strong commitment to engineering, manufacturing and installing efficient and innovative products that meet all market requirements, where safety and durability are essential features.