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Bonomi Group is a leading group in the industrial sector of hydraulics, heating and energy for the production of components which regulate the passage of liquid and gaseous fluids. A reality of excellence which, thanks to the bond with the territory, the values kept from the beginning and the continuous exchange of skills between the highly specialized companies, is able to simplify processes, create innovation and provide its customers always effective and efficient answers.

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Like the whole industrial sector, we are at the center of a green transition in which we firmly believe. For us "sustainable production" means having environmental awareness in every process: from development, to production, to the distribution of the product all over the world. This particular attention for the environment is vital in the people who work in our companies every day, but also is extended to the network of suppliers and customers, up to involving the life cycle of our product that begins with the choice of raw materials with low environmental impact, from the photovoltaic systems of our factories to recycling and proper waste management. The companies of the group also have different certifications, which attest this commitment in all the areas.

ISO 9001 - Quality

The quality of Bonomi Group companies is certified by the Swiss body SQS partner of IQNET, that has recognized the Quality Managing System  as in conformity with the international code of practice ISO 9001.

ISO 14001 - Environment

Bonomi Group companies work with an Environmental Managing System, certified ISO 14001.

ISO 45001 - Worker's health and safety

ISO 45001 is an Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series for health and safety management systems. It is intended to help an organizations to control occupational health and safety risks.

ISO 50001 - Energy management system

Continuous improvement applied to the management system and the ongoing search for company inefficiencies, let Bonomi Group companies to implement and integrate an energy management system, certified by SQS in accordance with ISO 50001.


Lumezzane, where everything has begun


Rubinetterie Bresciane is the first producer of two-piece ball valves


Valpres was founded


Bonomi Group acquired Univers


Valbia was founded


Bonomi Deutschland was founded


Bonomi UK was founded


Bonomi India was founded


Bonomi North America was founded


Bonomi Brasil was founded


Bonomi-GPK Russia was founded


Rubinetterie Bresciane new production facility was inaugurated


Bonomi China was founded


Bonomi Group acquires Fra.Bo


Bonomi Group acquires Loclain all assets and the 70% of Quam


Bonomi Group acquires Tecnovielle


Bonomi Group acquires Penta, Ghibson and AVS (Sweden)


Fra.Bo has merged corporately into Rubinetterie Bresciane


Rubinetterie Bresciane acquires Chibro


AVS AB changes its company name into Bonomi Scandinavia



The companies of the Bonomi Group produce different kinds of ball valves, butterfly valves and fittings made of brass, copper, bronze and steel, together with other components necessary for the realization of distribution or water and gas supply systems of small, medium and large dimensions, such as check valves, reducers, balancing valves, dirt separators. Furthermore, thanks to the synergy between the various companies, Bonomi Group boasts the widest "100% made in Italy" range of press fittings on the market.


Efficiency and quality are essential in industrial plants. For this reason, the different companies of the Bonomi Group, thanks to the experience and the concrete cases faced, offer a wide range of products suitable for industrial applications, such as, for example, process fluid supply systems for food or automotive industry, gas distribution systems in petrochemical plants and many others.


The companies of the Bonomi Group study, engineer and develop specific products required by the naval industry, respecting the certification standards.
The products are designed for the creation of freshwater circuits, inert gases, fuels, lubricants, refrigeration, washing, desalination, ballast and bilge, and other 3rd class services aboard ships (pleasure and commercial boats).


The companies of the Bonomi Group are specialized in the design and development of valves and control systems for the Oil&Gas sector. The products are made to last, easy to maintain and can be customized according to the specific area of use.
The range includes valves with different kinds of actuation and with multiple fields of application. Attention to sustainability has pushed us more and more towards the development of new applicable technologies, in particular towards renewable energies and systems with a lower environmental impact.


The companies of the Bonomi Group, thanks to close collaboration with multiutility companies, produce solutions designed for the creation of integrated water service distribution lines (water collection, supply and purification) and gas.
The experience in this sector has allowed the companies of the group to develop all the products necessary for the construction of the pipeline, starting from the first point of the distribution plant, up to the point of delivery to the user.


The OEM division of the companies of the Bonomi Group deals with the engineering, the evaluation of technical feasibility and the production of particular customized small metal parts. The products are developed at the customer's request, starting from the specifications and technical drawings provided and can be made with different materials.


September 29, 2023

VISIT US AT ADIPEC IN ABU DHABI from 2 to 5 October - BOOTH 1434

Valpres, Valbia and Quam, specialised in the design and production of valves and solutions for the Oil&Gas market, will wait for you at booth no. 1434 with a huge range of made in Italy products including:  the new MT multi-turn electric actuator patented by Valbia with variable speed, inverter and brushless motor CAGE and VBALL Valpres control ball valves with high rangeability and low pressure drop Quam CHOKE and GATE valves, perfect for heavy duty applications with high differential pressure and suitable for handling corrosive fluids The experience gained in the Oil&Gas industry enables the group to create innovative, safe and sustainable solutions, where quality is guaranteed at all stages: from project design to functionality and reliability tests. Find out more about Bonomi Group: 📍 Abu Dhabi
🗓️ 2-5 october 2023
July 20, 2023


The Installatore Professionale talks about us and our TURBOPRESS series: the product lines, the different applications and the many advantages.  TURBOPRESS is a patented connection system between multilayer pipe and brass fittings. A simple, fast and much safer solution thanks also to the LBP O-ring (Leak Before Press); the result of the attention to research and development that has always distinguished the Bonomi Group. Find out more and discover all the benefits: